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Our holiday boutique will be open for scheduled hours on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays (10 am - 4 pm) beginning November 13th and running through December 20th. Other hours may be arranged by appointment by calling, texting, or emailing Sheri at 402-669-6979 or

Visits to see the alpacas are not offered during boutique hours. You may see the alpacas from a distance but will not be able to go into the pen with the alpacas.

We are a family owned boutique that specializes in alpaca products. We have yarn, roving, felt, insoles, rugs, and a variety of handmade items made from our alpacas. In addition, we have other quality products purchased from reputable dealers both in the US and Peru - we have socks, gloves, hats, scarves, sweaters, stuffed animals, Christmas ornaments and more - come check us out for that unique item.

Omaha World Herald pic-taken by Brendan Sullivan
Omaha World Herald pic-taken by Brendan Sullivan

Alpaca Farm Day 2014

We are located in the beautiful hills of Fort Calhoun, Nebraska on 13 acres of mixed grassland and woods. We have a "log style house" overlooking our log style barn in a peaceful rural setting. Every morning we are blessed with being able to watch the sunrise over our alpacas.

We saw our first Alpaca in July 2007. We were able to feel how soft the fiber was on this beautiful, gentle animal and immediately fell in love - we even thought it was going to give us a kiss! We spent the following weekend doing research on the internet, and came to the conclusion that this was something we both wanted to pursue. Further research, visiting a number of alpaca farms, attending seminars, and alpaca shows only reinforced our belief that this business venture was going to be less stressful, fun, profitable, and bring us closer together. We purchased our first bred alpaca just 4 months after our initial alpaca contact. Our research supported the decision to acquire only the highest quality females which had been bred to top quality studs, and rebreed the females to other top quality studs as we expand our foundation herd. We have selected our stock from across the United States.

Our professional backgrounds are hospital pharmacy, and in construction, as a project manager. Our backgrounds have been beneficial in the design and layout of our facilities, as well as in preparation for the care of our animals. We added Sheri's Alpaca Boutique fall 2012. Classes began being offered in January 2013. Please Take some time to come out, relax, and see the alpacas and what the alpacas are all about. Please call for an appointment 402-426-1909 or 402-669-6979. Small group tours can be arranged for $5/person.

- Minimum downpayment of 10%.
- No interest if alpaca is paid off within one year of purchase.
- Other financing terms can be negotiated.